Important information

Hello all Uganda for the Roses participants or soon-to-be-participants,

Thank for your joining Uganda for the Roses and the fight against women’s cancer in Busoga Region. The first ever annual fund- and awareness raiser organised by and in support of two Jinja-based charities: RHHJ – Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja and Cycling out of Poverty – CooP-Africa. We are organising this event to organise annual free cervical- and breast cancer screening and treating camps for early detection and possible HPV vaccinations. And to support the cancer patients with palliative care in Busoga area, including but not limited to equipping health volunteers with bicycles to reach more patients and more isolated areas.

We will not allow people to park on the car park of Jinja Golf Club but you will be redirected to Kyaggwe Avenue where we will have marshals helping you out. But best is to come by bicycle or on foot.

You have chosen or may chose to walk the Walk for the Roses (5km), run the Run for the Roses (5 and 10km) or ride the Ride for the Roses (15km). Late sign-ups, for those who couldn’t pre-book, is possible early Saturday morning between 7:45 and 8:45. Upon registration and payment you have received or will receive a pink t-shirt which is your entrance ticket to the event. So wear it when joining the Uganda for the Roses. For those who have already signed up and paid, only the runners and the riders have to register on Saturday morning at their respective registration tables at the Jinja Golf Course. The walkers who already signed up don’t need to register again on Saturday morning. For those who haven’t registered and/or haven’t paid please make sure you come in time to sign up and pay your entrance to get your pink t-shirt.

The Ride for the Roses (15km) will be through Jinja city to Masese and back and will take approximately 2 hours. The Walk for the Roses and Run for the Roses will take you right through Jinja city, including Main street (full route for walk and run). When we all show up in big numbers we will be turning Jinja City pink with our shirts! We have put efforts in making sure all participants reach the finish line. The route is however not closed to others so you might encounter cars, cyclists, pedestrians, animals or even a truck full of sugar cane. These are just some obstacles to keep you alert and therefor we recommend you to stay alert yourself at all times, even-tough we have positioned traffic police and marshals from Jinja Scouts and have the Mbiko Marching band and the Uganda Bikers escorting us.

It might rain it might be hot! In any case make sure you will take enough water and snacks with you to keep hydrated and energised. We have a water-refill at Start and Finish at the Golf Club. But when you are taking plastic bottles from home or have wrappers to dispose off we emphasize not to throw ANY waste on the road. Let’s keep Jinja clean! We have resuable aluminium bottles to use and take home at UGX 10,000. #BantheBottle #KeepJinjaClean

Coffee by Kombi Koffee Jinja and chapatti’s and rolexes by The Rolex Joint are hot from 7:45AM. The flag-off for the Ride for the Roses is at Jinja Golf Club at 8:00AM. The warming-up by Prince Woody Bagala-Alina Kayanja, DJ ZeinSoft and MC Swengere Family starts at 8:45AM. And after that we flag off the Walk for the Roses at 9:00AM, the 10km Run for the Roses at 9:15AM and the 5km Run for the Roses at 9:30AM. We estimate most participants to arrive back around 10:00AM-10:30AM. That allows us to have a few beers and barbeque afterwards with food from The Rolex Joint and Stone Town Grill at Jinja Golf Club.

– All participants must move within their own limits. There is an emergency protocol and an ambulance on stand-by but we don’t want make use of it 😉
– It is advised that all participants carry a phone with this emergency number programmed in it: 0705.435.445
– When a runner is passing the Walk for the Roses (they are running the same loop) the runner loudly says “left or right”; to indicate the side he/she intends to pass. The group of the Walk for the Roses will then take over this command and shout “runner passing left or right; to indicate the side the runner is passing the group. And then will give space to the runner and cheer loudly.
– All participants to have fun!

We suggest if possible you bring / do the following to make this events the best ever:
– Bring your best mood
– Bring 0.5 – 1 liters of water. There is a water refill station at Start and Finish at Jinja Golf Club
– Bring glucose, chocolate bars and sweets. You might want to keep your sugar and salt levels up!
– Bring a phone and save the emergency numbers in it.
– Bring some good money to donate to the charities. There will be a donation box.


For more information or enquiries contact us at 0705.435.440.

Looking forward to welcome you all in pink at Jinja Golf Club!